Home School Science

Add environmental education enrichment to your home school curriculum by joining us for our monthly home school science series! Classes are offered on the second Wednesday of the month for K-2 and 3-5 graders. Classes for the middle schoolers are no longer offered, but can be set up by filling out a Program Request Form if there is a large enough group.

Registration Policies

All students must pre-register as class size is limited to 15 students in each grade grouping and we also need to ensure there are enough supplies. Registration and payment can be done by the semester or the year, cash or check. Your enrollment in the program is not complete until your payment is received.

2016/17 School Year Registration Deadlines: Fall semester and full year is due by September 10 and Spring semester is due by January 3. No phone registrations will be accepted. If you are going to drop off your registration form and payment in person, please call ahead to ensure someone is available to help you.

Registration form can be downloaded here.

K-2 Classes (15 spots maximum enrollment for each month)

September 9 - Wings: Birds, Bats, & Bugs Wait List 3
October 14 - Signs of Fall Wait List 3
November 11 - Migration/Hibernation Wait List 3
December 16 - Animal Homes Wait List 3
January 13 - Keeping Warm Wait List 3
February 10 - The Mitten Wait List 3
March 10 - S.E.E. Wait List 3
April 14 - Hatchlings & Sprouts Wait List 3
May 12 - Our Great Lake Wait List 3

3-5 Classes (15 spots maximum enrollment for each month)

September 14 - Earth Connections 2 spots available

October 12 - Mammals 0 spots available
November 9 - Recycling 0 spots available
December 14 - Winter Survival 0 spots available
January 11 - What Lurks in the Woods? 0 spots available
February 8 - Opinions 0 spot available
March 8 - Predator & Prey 0 spots available
April 12 - Pond Study 0 spots available
May 10 - Earth Tales 1 spots available