Summer Camp

"This is the only summer program that my kids are involved in where they don't ask if they can 'skip a day' - they love it!"

-Karen Davis, parent of campers

Pringle Nature Center gets your kids outside this summer with our camp programs! With a different theme each week, there will be something new to discover as we use our pond, prairie, and forest as our classroom. We keep each week limited to ten campers for each camp to allow for greater one-on-one exploration and to help create a more profound experience. Our programs are perfect for the budding naturalist who enjoy exploring the outdoors.

Junior Naturalist

The Junior Naturalist Camp is for children aged 9-12 and meets every Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Campers will go learn to navigate with a compass, solve nature mysteries, and learn about the night sky.

Friends: $9.00/General Public: $12.00 price is per session per child

June 20 - Bats 6 spots available

June 27 - 3 R’s 9 spots available

July 4 - No Camp

July 11 - Map & Compass 6 spots available

July 18 - Into the Wild 7 spots available

July 25 - Tricky Tracks 7 spots available

August 1 - Nature Whodunit? 8 spots available

August 8 - Night Sky 8 spots available

August 15 - Predator & Prey 5 spots available

August 22 - Creepy Crawlies 10 spots available

Observation & Creation

Our Observation & Creation Camp is for children aged 6-8 and meets every Thursday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. These campers go out and observe nature and create a piece of art based off of those observations.

Friends: $4.50/General Public: $6.00 price is per session per child

June 21 - Ecosystem Investigation 4 spots available

June 28 - Garbology 8 spots available

July 5 - Whatever the Weather 5 spots available

July 12 - Life in the Pond 4 spots available

July 19 - S.E.E. 6 spots available

July 26 - Terrific Trees 7 spots available

August 2 - Nature Colors & Textures 7 spots available

August 9 - Be a Rockhound 2 spots available

August 16 - Butterflies 2 spots available

August 23 - Early American Life 6 spots available

Little Naturalist

Children aged 4-5 are our littlest explorers! They meet every Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Be prepared to use your senses, explore what lives in the soil, and be grossed out!

Friends: $4.50/General Public: $6.00 price is per session per child

June 22 - Under the Grass 6 spots available

June 29 - Nature’s Skyscrapers 7 spots available

July 6 - Birds of a Feather 7 spots available

July 13 - Freaky Fliers 7 spots available

July 20 - Things that Buzz 7 spots available

July 27 - Wiggle & Slither 7 spots available

August 3 - Metamorphosis 8 spots available

August 10 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 8 spots available

August 17 - What Happens to the Rain? 7 spots available

August 24 - “Sense” of Nature 8 spots available


Registration and payment is due by June 15th. Payments can be made in cash or check only. If you are registering and paying in person, please come to the nature center Tuesday through Saturday. Please also call ahead to make sure someone is available to help you. Sorry, no phone registrations. More information and registration forms can be downloaded here.

"I liked to do the animal projects and learn about butterflies. I liked seeing frogs, going on hikes, and doing activities outside." - Little Naturalist Camper

"Nature camp is really, really fun and I can't wait to go again this summer!" - Observation & Creation Camper

"I liked the projects that we did and going outside there. Catching frogs was so much fun!” - Observation & Creation Camper

"It's something that I love and look forward to every week during the summer!" - Junior Naturalist Camper